Automotive Camera ISP

Automotive Camera ISP
Model Resolution Video Outputs HDR Denoise Certification Download
FH8332 3MP@30fps MIPI/DVP/HD Analog 3F WDR 3D AEC-Q100
FH8323 2MP@60fps MIPI/DVP/HD Analog 4F WDR 2D NO
FH8322 2MP@30fps MIPI/DVP/HD Analog 3F WDR 2D AEC-Q100
FH8320 960P@30fps MIPI/DVP/HD Analog 4F WDR 2D AEC-Q100
FH8310 2MP, Bayer/RGBIR DVP/HD Analog NO 2D/3D AEC-Q100
FH8550M 2MP HD Analog WDR, Lower Frame Rate 2D/3D NO
FH8532E 1MP HD Analog NO 2D NO

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